To appear in Annals of Probability, Annals of Statistics, Annals of Applied Probability or Annals of Applied Statistics

Such memorial issues are reserved for researchers whose work had a particularly high scientific impact and must be approved by the IMS Memorials Committee and the editor(s) of the appropriate IMS Journal (or the Committee, the journal editor(s), and the IMS Council in the case of the dedication of an entire issue ). Such issues can range from a section of an issue with memorial articles in honor of an individual, to a complete issue with all the articles dedicated to an individual. Suggestions/proposals to the Memorials Committee for Memorial issues should address (include information concerning) the following points regarding the individual to be memorialized:

  1.  Which Annals will the articles appear in – AOP, AOS, AOAP, or AOAS?
  2.  Who, if anyone, will assist the current editor(s) for this memorial section?
  3.  Major scientific contributions of the individual.
  4.  Major contributions by the individual to the profession.
  5.  Previous honors received.

Examples of memorial articles for statisticians include:

Examples of memorial articles for probabilists include:

To propose a memorial issue, contact the Chair of the Memorials Committee or the IMS Executive Director.