Conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of Alfréd Rényi’s birth. High-profile conference, representing modern probability, graph theory and networks, information theory, dynamical systems, number theory and other fields in Rényi’s spirit. That is: not respecting strictly the borders between these and possibly other areas of pure and applied mathematics. Plenary speakers: Noga Alon, Albert-László Barabási, Andrew Barron, Béla Bollobás, László Erdős, Martin Hairer, János Pintz, Bálint Virág, Wendelin Werner, Andreas Winter. Invited sessions: Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Entropy and Dimension, Information Theory, Number Theory, Probability and Statistics, Quantum Information Theory, Random Graphs and Networks, Stochastics with Interactions

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Bálint Tóth