IMS China Member Registration

What is IMS China?

IMS China promotes the participation of Chinese scholars in activities of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

The purpose IMS and, in turn, IMS China is to foster the development and dissemination of the theory and applications of statistics and probability.

IMS China membership is open to any individual of 18 years or older who resides legally in mainland China, agrees to abide the by-laws of the IMS and guidelines of IMS China and pays the membership dues on annual basis.

All IMS China members are individual members of the IMS and receive all rights of an IMS member.

Mainland China refers to part of China where Renminbi is the only official currency. Any resident in other parts of China may join IMS China, if he/she wishes, through a regular IMS membership.

How much is membership?

IMS China members pay a reduced rate for membership. Current rates can be found here.

IMS China members pay the amount listed under “Reduced Country/Retired”.

How do I join?

To join IMS China, go here and select “Reduced” under “Type for Membership.”