Aaditya Ramdas of Carnegie Mellon University has received the 2023 Peter Gavin Hall IMS Early Career Prize. Dr. Ramdas receives the award “for significant contributions in the areas of reproducibility in science and technology; active, sequential decision-making; and assumption-light uncertainty quantification.” As an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Statistics and Data Science and Machine Learning, Dr. Ramdas’ research spans algorithms, theory, and applications of statistical inference and machine learning. His work delves into fundamental questions in statistics, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, when applied towards solving basic problems in science and technology.

The Peter Gavin Hall IMS Early Career Prize recognizes one researcher annually who is within the first eight years of completing their doctoral degree. Dr. Ramdas’ outstanding achievements recognize his potential to shape the future of statistics. His dedication and expertise have positioned him as an emerging leader in the field, and his innovative contributions continue to push the boundaries of statistical research.