In the September 2022 issue, we introduced a new “Invitation to Research” section, kicked off by Alexander Y. Mitrophanov, Senior Statistician at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, National Institutes of Health, USA. Alex invited members to collaborate on Quantitative Perturbation Theory for Stochastic Processes. Alex says he’s had some “very meaningful” follow-up, which has triggered some further interactions.

We are now inviting your invitation! IMS members are encouraged to write in to propose new research ideas or directions. These do not need to be formally/provably absolutely new; it’s an opportunity to emphasize the benefit of an idea for the research community. The purpose is twofold: to gauge the research community’s interest before investing more time and effort into these ideas; and to find collaborators to tackle these new ideas, if other people become interested and come up with related ideas.

We encourage interested readers to respond to these ideas with critical comments and/or suggestions, and to write in and share your own ideas: