Each year the IMS selects a range of distinguished researchers to deliver a special (named or medallion) lecture and receive the associated award, at one of the IMS sponsored or co-sponsored meetings. Where possible, these lectures are recorded and made freely available on our IMS YouTube channel. This year’s special lectures have been uploaded. You can watch them at https://www.youtube.com/c/instituteofmathematicalstatistics/videos.

(in upload order):
IMS Medallion Lecture: “Deformed Polynuclear Growth in (1+1) Dimensions” Alexei Borodin
IMS Medallion Lecture: “Non-asymptotic Random Matrix Theory”
Ramon van Handel
IMS Brown Session: “Multiway Clustering in Tensor Block Model: Statistical Optimality and Computational Limit” Rungang Han
IMS Brown Session: “Assumption-Lean Analysis of Cluster Randomized Trials in Infectious Diseases for Intent-to-Treat Effects and Network Effects”
Chan Park
IMS Brown Session: “Statistical Inference for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models with Binary Outcomes” Rong Ma
IMS/BS Schramm Lecture: “Monotonicity for Continuous-Time Random Walks” Russell Lyons
IMS Wahba Lecture: “On the Blending of Statistical Machine Learning and Microeconomics” Michael Jordan
IMS Rietz Lecture: “Statistical Tools for Random Objects in Metric Spaces”
Hans-Georg Müller
IMS Neyman Lecture: “Genes, Brain, and Us” Heping Zhang
IMS Wald Lecture parts I & II: “Universality and Crossover in 1+1 Dimensions
Martin Hairer
IMS Medallion Lecture IV: “Privacy, Probability, and Synthetic Data”
Roman Vershynin
IMS Medallion Lecture III: “Multiplicative Coalescent Related Processes” Vlada Limic
IMS Medallion Lecture II: “Distribution-free Prediction: Exchangeability and Beyond” Rina Foygel Barber
IMS Medallion Lecture I: “A Doob h-process and its Applications to Singular Integrals on ℤd” Rodrigo Bañuelos

BS/IMS Schramm Lecture:”Balloons in Space(s)” Omer Angel
IMS Wald Lectures, I: “Random Walks and Fractal Graphs”; II:” Low Dimensional Random Fractals”; and III: “Higher Dimensional Spaces” Martin Barlow
IMS Medallion Lecture: “Gambler’s Ruin Problems” Laurent Saloff-Coste
IMS Medallion Lecture: “Random Determinants and the Elastic Manifold” Gérard Ben Arous
IMS Medallion Lecture: “Simplicity and complexity of belief-propagation” Elchanan Mossel
BS/IMS Doob Lecture: “Parking on Cayley trees and Frozen Erdős–Rényi” Nicolas Curien
IMS Brown Award: “Toward instance-optimal reinforcement learning” Ashwin Pananjady
IMS Brown Award: “Efficient manifold approximation with Spherelets” Didong Li
IMS Brown Award: “Bayesian pyramids: Identifying interpretable discrete latent structures from discrete data” Yuqi Gu
IMS Blackwell Lecture: “Estimating the mean of a random vector” Gabor Lugosi
IMS Medallion Lecture: “Selective inference for trees” Daniela Witten
IMS Medallion Lecture: “High-dimensional interpolators: From linear regression to neural tangent models” Andrea Montanari
IMS Wald Lectures I & II: “Modeling and Estimating Large Sparse Networks I” & “Modeling and Estimating Large Sparse Networks II” Jennifer Chayes
IMS President Address: “Proactive and All-Encompassing Statistics” Regina Liu
IMS Medallion Lecture: “DNA Copy Number Profiling from Bulk Tissues to Single Cells”
Nancy Zhang
IMS Lawrence D. Brown PhD Student Award Session 2021: “First-Order Newton-Type Estimator for Distributed Estimation and Inference” Yichen Zhang; “Minimax Optimality of Permutation Tests” Ilmun Kim; and “Inference in Interpretable Latent Factor Regression Models” Xin Bing
IMS Medallion Lecture: “What Kinds of Functions Do Neural Networks Learn?” Robert Nowak
IMS Medallion Lecture: “Empirical Optimal Transport: Inference, Algorithms, Applications”
Axel Munk
IMS Le Cam Lecture: “Understanding Spectral Embedding” Jianqing Fan
IMS Medallion Lecture: “Statistical Optimal Transport” Philippe Rigollet


Videos from the 2022 Seminar on Stochastic Processes (March 2022, Lehigh University, PA, USA) are also available online. This includes Gregory Lawler’s tutorial lectures, and the Plenary lectures by Alexei Borodin, Jennifer Chayes, Tadahisa Funaki, Ramon van Handel [see next page], Sarah Penington, and Makiko Sasada. See https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/ssp2022/videos-photos/.