South East Probability Conference
May 31–June 1, 2022, at Duke University and August 8–9, UNC Chapel Hill

There will be TWO 2022 Southeastern Probability Conferences this year, both IN-PERSON meetings. Speakers at the May 31–June 1 SEPC (Duke University, Durham, NC): Erik Bates (Wisconsin), Juraj Foldes (Virginia), Konstantin Matetski (Columbia), Scott McKinley (Tulane), Evita Nestoridi (Princeton), Mariana Olvera-Cravioto (UNC), and Marrianna Russkikh (MIT).

The second SEPC in August at UNC Chapel Hill features Julia Gaudio (Northwestern, IE and MS), Jiaoyang Huang (NYU), Hye-Won Kang (U of Maryland), Annie Katsevich (NYU), Nicholas Lancier (Arizona State), Elizaveta Rebrova (Princeton ORFE), Sebastien Roch (Wisconsin), and Philippe Sosoe (Cornell).

For the second meeting, graduate students and postdocs can apply for support. Details forthcoming.