Alexander Volfovsky is Assistant Professor of Statistical Science, and Co-Director of The Polarization Lab, at Duke University. He is currently the President of the IMS New Researchers Group. He writes: 

The last two years have been long for everyone, and one of the things missing from the annual IMS calendar has been the New Researchers Conference (more formally known as the Meeting of New Researchers in Statistics and Probability). This event, held almost annually for over 20 years has served as a launching pad for many new researchers in statistics and probability. Although there was no conference in 2020 or 2021, the recently formed New Researchers Group has not been idling: over the past two years we organized sessions showcasing the work of new researchers at virtual conferences, and we have co-organized interdisciplinary online workshops and information sessions. Most importantly, we have been working to build a better, stronger and more inclusive New Researchers Group. 

The first thing we are very happy to announce is the (currently) in-person return of the New Researchers Conference! The conference will be hosted at George Mason University before JSM 2022 and is being organized by Pramita Bagchi and Scott Bruce. 

Look for us online and in the next issue of the Bulletin, for details about the conference as well as additional events, initiatives and ways to get involved!

IMS New Researchers Group