IMS Council has approved the nomination of Tati Howell, IMS Bulletin Editor for the 2021 Carver Medal, as recommended by the Committee to Select the Carver Award. Tati receives the award for her outstanding service, efforts, and dedication as the assistant editor and the editor of the IMS Bulletin during the past 20 years.

We asked those who have worked with Tati over the last 20 years to share with us their thoughts on this award.

Bernard Silverman, IMS Past President writes: “When I was IMS President, it was clear to me how important an attractive and informative Bulletin was, and how much we needed a professional approach, especially at a time when desktop publishing and the developing internet meant that people expected high standards. The aim of a good society bulletin is both to keep members informed of activities and to help build the society as a community. Fortunately, the IMS was able to devote some resources to this project, and by luck Tati Howell was keen to take up the challenge. Her approach was transformational. We are truly fortunate to have someone who combines all the skills needed to get good and interesting articles written, to obtain items like obituaries, to publicise conferences in an attractive way, and to present all this material in such an appealing and professional format. It’s always interesting to receive and read the Bulletin, always on time and never even a typo! Tati took instinctively to the IMS and I am so glad that she and the Bulletin are so obviously thriving 20 years later. My heartiest congratulations to her on this award which is richly deserved!”

Elyse Gustafson, IMS Executive Director writes: “Tati has been a joy to work with for the last 20 years. She is intuitive in her work, loves our members and wants to create something special for our community. Tati exemplifies that characteristics of a Carver Medal award winner.”

Edsel A. Peña, IMS Executive Secretary writes: “Tati Howell is highly dedicated, very efficient, and continues to do an exceptional job as Editor of the IMS Bulletin and the IMS eNews. She also represents the Institute in a positive light in its events worldwide. She is a pleasure to work with and is truly deserving of the 2021 IMS Carver Medal.”

Xuming He, IMS Bulletin Editor (2007-2010) writes: “I have really enjoyed working with Tati in my time as an editor, contributor, and of course a longtime reader of the IMS Bulletin. The way Tati prepared every issue of the Bulletin made it clear to me that she is not taking it as a job but rather as her passion.”

Anirban DasGupta, IMS Bulletin Editor (2014-2016) writes: “Tati Howell is an institution and a glorious personality in the IMS. I would be proud to be as dedicated and selfless a member of the profession. The IMS clock would probably stop if we didn’t have Tati. She is an exemplary person, any way that one thinks of her. An epitome of sincerity, constancy, reliability and concern, Tati is a bright candle in the profession. I am very grateful that I know her.”