The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) and the Japan Statistical Society (JSS) jointly created the Akaike Memorial Lecture Award to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the late Dr. Hirotugu Akaike, who greatly influenced a wide range of research by proposing the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) and establishing a novel paradigm for statistical modeling, distinguished by its predictive point of view, and distinct from traditional statistical theory. The Akaike Memorial Lecture Award recognizes researchers who have achieved outstanding accomplishments that contribute to the field of statistical sciences.
Receiving the Third Akaike Award is John Brian Copas, Professor Emeritus, University of Warwick, UK. Professor Copas has had several achievements in statistical methodology with a focus on practical applications. His six papers were read before the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and published in JRSS with discussions. In 1987, he was awarded the Guy Medal in Silver. In recent years, he has been actively engaged in the study of meta-analysis methodology. The Copas selection model is widely used as one of the standard sensitivity analysis methods for assessing the impact of publication bias. Sadly, he will not be able to travel to Japan because of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, he is scheduled to deliver his award lecture online on September 9, 2020, at the plenary session of the Japanese Joint Statistical Meeting by Japanese Federation of Statistical Science Association (JFSSA) 2020 in Toyama Prefecture. Read more at