Have you been working on COVID-19? Some more IMS members wrote to share what their research has focused on. If you’d like a mention in the next issue, please contact ims@imstat.org (send a paragraph about your work, and a link to the paper, or location where readers can find out more). Our next deadline is August 1.


Estate Khmaladze, FRSNZ, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand:

Estate and his co-author Dr Giorgi Kvizhinadze (Capital & Coast District Health Board, New Zealand) have been working on a geometric model for the COVID-19 epidemic. Estate says, “The work proposes a mathematical model of the process of the epidemic as it evolved in New Zealand. It uses a system of differential equations which emanate from natural assumptions on some probability measure and evolution of this measure on an evolving family of simplexes.” The authors avoided mathematical complications; the aim, rather, was to come to justifiable estimations of important parameters, like the rate of infection as a function of time, thus quantifying the effectiveness of the Government measures. Also estimated were the probability distribution of incubation times and recovery times. Draft version: https://homepages.ecs.vuw.ac.nz/foswiki/pub/Users/Estate/WebHome/Covid-popul_2.pdf


Grace Y. Yi, Canada Research Chair in Data Science (Tier 1), and Wenqing He, Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada:

Grace and Wenqing co-lead a team to conduct research on COVID-19, and the manuscripts produced from the team members and their collaborators can be found at the COVID-19 Canada website. The website, developed by the team, provides a timely view and understanding of the evolving pandemic in Canada with a real time interactive web-based platform. The website highlights data visualization of the daily development of COVID-19 in Canada and forecasts future trends derived from different statistical predictive models. In addition, the website lists a variety of public data sources to give researchers and industry professionals quick access to COVID-19 data. Selected news updates on COVID-19 can also be found from this website. See: https://covid-19-canada.uwo.ca/