Each year the IMS selects people to deliver named and Medallion lectures at our meetings.

In 2020, there will be three Medallion lectures at JSM in Philadelphia, USA (August 1–6, 2020), from Susan Holmes, Roger Koenker and Paul Rosenbaum.

Then, a couple of weeks later (August 17–21) and on the other side of the world (Seoul, South Korea), the remaining IMS special lectures will be given at the Bernoulli–IMS 10th World Congress in Probability and Statistics. There are two named lectures this year: the Wald Lectures will be given by Martin Barlow, and the Blackwell Lecture by Gábor Lugosi. There will be five Medallion lectures, from Gérard Ben Arous, Andrea Montanari, Elchanan Mossel, Laurent Saloff-Coste and Daniela Witten. The IMS Presidential Address will be given by Susan Murphy. There are also two IMS–BS named lectures: the Doob lecture, which will be given by Nicolas Curien, and the Schramm lecture, from Omer Angel.

(Also at the World Congress, there will be five Bernoulli Society named lectures. Persi Diaconis will give the Kolmogorov Lecture, Alison Etheridge the Bernoulli Lecture, Massimilliano Gubinelli the Lévy Lecture, Tony Cai the Laplace Lecture and Sara van der Geer the Tukey Lecture.)

As we announced in the previous issue, there will be three papers presented by the winners of the inaugural Lawrence D. Brown PhD Student Awards: Yuqi Gu, Didong Li and Ashwin Pananjady. You can read previews of Ashwin’s talk here and Didong’s here, and we’ll bring you more in the coming issues.