The September 2019 issue of the IMS Bulletin is online: download your PDF copy from
Contents include:
  • Allan Sly awarded Loève Prize
  • Knighthood for Peter Donnelly, CBE for Sylvia Richardson
  • Daniela Witten receives 2019 Mortimer Spiegelman Award
  • Watch JSM plenary speakers; read slides from presentations
  • Photos from IMS meeting at JSM Denver
  • Nominate for IMS awards: Hall Prize, Tweedie New Researcher Award, Carver Medal, Fellowship
  • COPSS Presidents’ Award: Hadley Wickham
  • Nominate for next year’s COPSS awards
  • Treasurer’s Report 2018
  • Obituaries: Marc Moore, Joe Heyse
  • Recent papers: Annals of Probability; Annals of Applied Probability; ALEA, the Latin-American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • Meeting report: WNAR/IMS/JR in Portland; SPA in Evanston
  • IMS Travel Awards: Why you should apply!

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