If you weren’t at the Joint Statistical Meetings this year, you can still watch four of the plenary sessions. These videos are at https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/jsm/2019/webcasts/

ASA President’s Address: Reinforcing the Impact of Statistics on Society, Karen Kafadar, University of Virginia

ASA President’s Invited Address: Coming to Our Census: How Social Statistics Underpin Our Democracy (and Republic), Teresa A. Sullivan, University of Virginia (Emerita)

ASA Deming Lecture: Walking with Giants: A Research Odyssey, Nicholas Fisher, University of Sydney

COPSS Fisher Lecture: An Observational Study Used to Illustrate Methodology for Such Studies, Paul Rosenbaum, University of Pennsylvania.

You can also download slides from more than 1,500 other JSM2019 presentations via the online program: https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/jsm/2019/onlineprogram/index.cfm.