Michael P. Cohen, American Institutes for Research, is a founding member of a new group, and he would like you to join him:

The American Statistical Association (ASA) has a brand new History of Statistics Interest Group (HoSIG). Membership in ASA is not required to join. Anyone interested in the history of statistics is welcome and encouraged to become a member.

The objectives of HoSIG are to:
1. Bring together individuals and groups who have an active interest in the history of statistics.
2. Promote and support research into the history of statistics at all levels.
3. Further the use of the history of statistics in education.
4. Encourage the historical perspective among statisticians and related professionals.
5. Contribute to the program of the annual Joint Statistical Meetings and selected meetings of the ASA and other professional organizations.

Please let Michael know if you have any questions: email mpcohen@juno.com. You will find instructions about how to join at this link: