Some of the IMS journals have new editors.

Starting January 1, 2019, the Annals of Applied Probability will now have two Co-editors (like the Annals of Statistics has had). Therefore, Editor Bálint Tóth is handing over to Francois Delarue and Peter Friz. Francois is Professor in the mathematics department at the Université Nice–Sophia Antipolis in France; his website is at Peter Friz is Einstein Professor in Mathematics at TU-Berlin, and affiliated to the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, in Germany; his webpage is at

At the Annals of Applied Statistics, Tilmann Gneiting hands over to Karen Kafadar as the Editor-in-Chief. Karen is Commonwealth Professor and Chair of the statistics department at the University of Virginia:

The Annals of Statistics Co-editors Ed George and Tailen Hsing are also ending their term. The new Co-Editors are Ming Yuan and Richard Samworth. Ming, who is also currently serving IMS as Program Secretary, is Professor of Statistics at Columbia University in New York: Richard holds the Professorship of Statistical Science, and is Director of the Statistical Laboratory, at the University of Cambridge:

As well as these new editors, Domenico Marinucci has agreed to serve for a second term as Editor of the Electronic Journal of Statistics, as recommended by the joint IMS/Bernoulli Society Committee to Select Editors. His term will be until the end of 2021. Domenico’s web page is

Thank you to everyone who serves our community in this way!