Peter Hall played a significant role throughout his professional career in mentoring young colleagues at work and through professional society activities. To memorialize Peter in a manner that matched his dedication, the IMS Council created the Peter Gavin Hall Early Career Prize. To date, we have received over $86,000 in pledges and donations. A list of all donors to date is below. The financial prize will be given annually to one or more active researchers in statistics, broadly construed, within eight years since completion of a PhD. It is intended to recognize excellence in research as well as research potential.

The IMS Council recently approved the details of the prize as noted below. The first prize is expected in 2020 with a deadline of December 1, 2019 for nominations. So, you can start thinking about who to nominate for this award!

About the Prize

Purpose: To recognize early career research accomplishments and research promise in statistics, broadly construed.

Eligibility: An early-career researcher is one who received their doctoral degree in one of the eight calendar years preceding the year of nomination, or in the year of nomination, meaning any of the years 2012–2019 for the 2020 prize, which has a nomination deadline of December 1, 2019. The IMS gives the award committee latitude to consider nominees with extenuating circumstances that may have delayed professional achievements. Nominations may be made by any member of the IMS. Nominees need not be IMS members.

Form of the Prize: The award consists of a plaque, a citation, and a cash honorarium. It will be presented at the IMS Presidential Awards ceremony held at the IMS annual meeting. The recipient will be allotted time to acknowledge receipt of the Prize.

Nomination/Submission Process: Electronic submission is required and includes: a nomination form, an extended abstract with highlights of research achievements, a CV, and two letters of recommendation (beyond a letter from the nominator). At most two recommendation letters may be submitted by any one individual in a given year.

Donors so far – thank you all!

Anonymous, Adelchi Azzalini, David Banks, Rudolf Beran, Rabi Bhattacharya, Peter Bickel, Mary Ellen Bock, Alexandre Bouchard-Côté, Richard Bradley, Louis Chen, Song Xi Chen, Noel Cressie, Richard A. Davis, Yanming Di, Margaret Donald, Lutz Duembgen, Andrey Feuerverger, Turkan Gardenier, Charles Goldie, Elyse Gustafson, Jeannie Hall, James J. Higgins, Giles Hooker, Tomoyuki Ichiba, Gareth James, Jiashun Jin, Bingyi Jing, Iain Johnstone, Estate Khmaladze, Roger Koenker, Eric Kolaczyk, Runze Li, Zenghu Li, Xinhong Lin, Shiqing Ling, Yingying Fan and Jinchi Lv, Yanyuan Ma, Yoshihiko Maesono, James Stephen Marron, Geri and Kristina Mattson, Carl Mueller, Hans-Georg Müller, Boaz Nadler, John Nolan, Jean Opsomer, Fredos Papangelou, Layla Parast, Byeong Uk Park, Edsel Pena, Brett Presnell, Peihua Qiu, Annie Qu, Aaditya Ramdas, Nancy Reid, Philip Reiss, Johannes Ruf, David Ruppert, Richard Samworth, Timo Seppäläinen, Qi-Man Shao, Bernard Silverman, Dylan Small, Robert Smythe, Terence Speed, Clifford Spiegelman, Stephen Stigler, Stilian Stoev, Gabor Szekely, Boxin Tang, Donatello Telesca, Ryan Tibshirani, Howell Tong, Berwin Turlach, University of Melbourne, Handan and Matt Wand, Jane-Ling Wang, Naisyin Wang, Qiying Wang, Jon Wellner, Aihua Xia, William Weimin Yoo, George Alastair Young, Harrison Zhou, Johanna F. Ziegel

Further donations welcome

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