We extend our congratulations to two former IMS Presidents, C.R. Rao, who recently celebrated his 98th birthday, on September 10, and Herman Chernoff, who turned 95 in July. Anirban DasGupta noted that Professors Rao and Chernoff are among the two most senior (in age) living statisticians, along with David Finney, who is now 101.

D.J. Finney CBE, FRS, FRSE, is Professor Emeritus of Statistics at the University of Edinburgh. He was Director of the Agricultural Research Council’s Unit of Statistics from 1954–84 and a former President of the Royal Statistical Society and of the Biometric Society. He was a pioneer in the development of systematic monitoring of drugs for detection of adverse reactions. He turned 100 in January 2017.

C.R. Rao has made research contributions in estimation theory, statistical inference and linear models, multivariate analysis, combinatorial design, orthogonal arrays, biometry, statistical genetics, generalized matrix inverses, functional equations, diversity indices and the differential metric. Among his many honors are: RSS Guy Medals in Gold and in Silver; the US National Medal of Science; the Indian Government’s India Science Award, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan; ISI’s International Mahalanobis Prize; ASA’s Wilks Memorial Award; and honorary doctorates from several universities and institutes.

Herman Chernoff is Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics (MIT) and of Statistics (Harvard). His major fields of research have been in large sample theory, optimal design of experiments, sequential analysis, and sequential design of experiments. His honors include the Townsend Harris Medal, the Wilks Medal, Statistician of the Year from the Boston Chapter of the ASA, election to the National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, ISI and Sigma Chi, and Fellow of ASA and IMS.