The August issue of the IMS Bulletin is now available. Check out the articles at, or download the whole issue as a PDF: Contents include:

• 2018 election results
• Australian Academy of Science recognizes Noel Cressie, Kerrie Mengersen and Ruth Williams
• Emmanuel Candès 2017 Macarthur Fellow
• Bernoulli Society New Researcher Awards
• IMS adopts Fairness and Diversity guidelines
• Global Survey examines gender gap
• Raising Funds for an IMS Peter Hall Early Career Award
• Donors to IMS Funds
• XL-Files: “BFF and BGF for IMS”
• Obituaries: P.K. Bhattacharya, George Cave
• Recent papers: Bayesian Analysis, Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics
• Student Puzzle Corner #21 (and solution to #20)

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