We are delighted to announce the 2018 election results, and introduce the newest members of IMS Council.

The next President-Elect is Susan Murphy, and the five new members of Council are: Christina Goldschmidt, Susan Holmes, Xihong Lin, Richard Lockhart and Kerrie Mengersen. All of these will serve a three-year term starting at the IMS meeting in Vilnius in July 2018.

Christina, Susan, Xihong, Richard and Kerrie will be replacing on Council Andreas Buja, Gerda Claeskens, Nancy Heckman, Kavita Ramanan and Ming Yuan, whose terms end July 2018. They will be joining Jean Bertoin, Song Xi Chen, Mathias Drton, Elizaveta Levina and Simon Tavaré (whose terms run through July 2019); and Peter Hoff, Greg Lawler, Antonietta Mira, Axel Munk and Byeong Park (who will be on Council until August 2020).

In addition to these elected members, IMS Council is made up of the Executive Committee and the Editors, who serve ex officio. The Executive Committee will, from August, comprise:
President: Xiao-Li Meng
Past President: Alison Etheridge
President-elect: Susan Murphy
Treasurer: Zhengjun Zhang
Program Secretary: Ming Yuan
Executive Secretary: Edsel A. Peña

Jon Wellner, outgoing past-president, will be leaving the Executive Committee after three years’ service. Judith Rousseau will be stepping down after six years as Program Secretary, replaced by Ming Yuan.

The IMS journal editors are: Bálint Tóth (Annals of Applied Probability); Amir Dembo (Annals of Probability); Tilmann Gneiting (Annals of Applied Statistics); Ed George and Tailen Hsing (Annals of Statistics); and Cun-Hui Zhang (Statistical Science). T.N. Sriram is Managing Editor for Statistics & Probability, and for the IMS Bulletin.

Thanks to all the outgoing officers, editors and council members for their dedicated service to our institute. Thanks, too, to all the candidates, and all who voted!