The Organizing Committee Co-chairs, Erwin Bolthausen and Remigijus Leipus, for the 2018 IMS Annual Meeting on Probability and Statistics and 12th International Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, write:

We are pleased to announce that 2018 IMS Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the 12th Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in Vilnius, one of the most beautiful cities in the Old Continent, capital of Lithuania, on July 2–6, 2018.

The Vilnius Conferences on Probability and Mathematical Statistics have a long and successful history. The first Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics was organized in June 1973, becoming the first big international meeting on probability theory and mathematical statistics in the former Soviet Union. Today, the conference is established as a must-attend international quadrennial event for many researchers in the field.

Many prominent probabilists and statisticians will attend the conference. There will be more than 180 invited talks. The Wald Lectures will be delivered by Luc Devroye; the 2018 Le Cam Lecturer is Ruth Williams*; the Neyman Lecturer is Peter Bühlmann*; and the Schramm Lecturer is Yuval Peres. Six Medallion lectures will be given at this meeting by Jean Bertoin, Svante Janson* , Thomas Mikosch, Sonia Petrone* , Richard Samworth and Allan Sly. The Vilnius Lecture will be delivered by Lithuanian probabilist Liudas Giraitis.

The conference coincides with an important anniversary in Lithuania’s history. On the 16th of February, 1918, an Act of Independence declared an independent State of Lithuania. Vilnius, where the heritage of the past and the achievements of the present in science and culture co-exist in harmony, will be full of the Lithuanian centennial events during the whole year as well. Vilnius has unique baroque buildings and the largest Old Town in central and eastern Europe, which has managed to preserve the medieval network of streets and typical spaces, reminding us of the beautiful ancient Italian towns where Baroque was born. The Old Town of Vilnius, located in an amphitheatre of breathtaking nature, has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994.

Conference delegates will have an opportunity to explore Vilnius during special tours organized on the 4th of July, and to taste delicious Lithuanian food during a Conference dinner on the same day.

The organizers of the Conference are the Lithuanian Mathematical Society, Vilnius University and IMS. The Program Co-chairs are Peter Bühlmann (IMS) and Vygantas Paulauskas (Vilnius). The Organizing Committee Co-chairs are Erwin Bolthausen (IMS) and Remigijus Leipus (Vilnius).

You can read more on the conference website:

* See some more Special Invited Lecture previews on pages 8–13 of the June/July 2018 Bulletin.