Liza Levina is chairing an ad hoc IMS committee to consider whether we should create an IMS journal in Data Science. She, and the committee members, would like your input:

The IMS is considering the possibility of creating a new journal with a focus on data science. The journal is intended to fill a gap in the current IMS journal offerings as well as expand the audience of the IMS journals, both readers and authors.

The IMS values the input of its members, and others in the field, and is seeking to collect relevant information from everyone in the data science community, broadly defined.

Please answer a few brief survey questions at the link below. We very much appreciate your time and your input.

The survey, which should take you five minutes or less to complete, is at:


This Piled Higher and Deeper comic strip by Jorge Cham was originally published in 2004 yet still seems strangely apposite!