The Statistics Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) recently honored Joanne Wendelberger with the 2017 William G. Hunter Award. The award recognizes Bill Hunter’s many contributions, especially in promoting the use of applied statistics and statistical thinking. Joanne Wendelberger is a senior-level scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, having joined the Statistical Sciences Group in 1992. Earning her PhD in statistics in 1991 from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wendelberger was influenced by quality leaders Bill Hunter, George Box and Brian Joiner. Her research has been motivated by the need to develop solutions to complex interdisciplinary problems, with a growing focus on the interface between statistics and computer science. Her current research interests include statistical experimental design and test planning, statistical bounding and uncertainty, materials degradation modeling, sampling and analysis in large-scale computation and visualization, probabilistic computing, and education modeling. Wendelberger is a Fellow of the ASA and a senior member of the ASQ. She was the W.J. Youden Memorial Address speaker for the 2016 Fall Technical Conference and has served as an AE for Technometrics. In addition to her professional contributions, Wendelberger has sought opportunities to inspire the use of statistics in her local community: she has encouraged the use of statistical concepts and effective problem solving techniques for a number of community organizations and forums, including a cooperative preschool, a soccer league, a scholarship committee, and numerous educational outreach activities.