The ASA Founders Award is bestowed upon ASA members with long-standing and distinguished service to the association and its membership. Four people received the Founders Award at JSM, including Nick Horton (For long-term active involvement in ASA chapters, sections, and committees; for serving on a wide variety of committees, including the 2015 JSM Program Committee, the Education Council, the Waller Education Award Committee, and the Traveling Course Committee; for serving as chair of the Statistics Education Section, chair of the Education Workgroup on Undergraduate Curriculum Guidelines, and chair of the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee; for effective leadership on the Council of Chapters Governing Board and ASA Board of Directors; and for exceptional service and leadership in a wide variety of other professional activities) and John Eltinge (For extensive support of and involvement in the continual improvement of federal statistical programs, as evidenced by leadership at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and active participation on the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology and an abundance of interagency committees; for exemplary contributions as associate editor for multiple journals and to program committees for numerous statistical conferences, including service as program chair of the Joint Statistical Meetings; for commitment to enhancing the relevance of the ASA to the federal statistical agencies; and for insightful mentoring at the local and national levels). Also honored were Wendy Martinez and Jane Pendergast.

Edward C. Bryant Scholarship: Established by Westat, this scholarship is awarded to outstanding graduate students in survey statistics. The 2017 Edward C. Bryant Scholarship recipient is Hejian Sang of Iowa State University.

Award of Outstanding Statistical Application: Sudipto Banerjee (UCLA) was one of the authors of the winning paper, an outstanding application of statistics in the physical, biological or medical sciences. The other award honorees were Abhirup Datta, Andrew Finley, Nicholas A. S. Hamm and Martin Schaap; their paper, “Non-Separable Dynamic Nearest-Neighbor Gaussian Process Models for Spatio-Temporal Data with an Application to Particulate Matter Analysis,” was published in the Annals of Applied Statistics in 2016.

Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award: The Wilks award honors the distinguished career of Samuel S. Wilks and is bestowed upon an individual who has made statistical contributions to the advancement of scientific or technical knowledge. The 2017 Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award honoree is Wayne Fuller of Iowa State University.

Statistics in Physical Engineering Sciences Award: Yili Hong of Virginia Tech was one of the authors of the winning paper, “Planning Fatigue Tests for Polymer Composites,” published in the Journal of Quality Technology. The other authors were Caleb King, Stephanie DeHart, Patrick DeFeo and Rong Pan.

Gottfried E. Noether Awards: The Noether awards were established to recognize distinguished researchers and teachers and to support the field of nonparametric statistics. The 2017 Noether Senior Scholar Award honoree is Hans-Georg Mueller of the University of California, Davis. The 2017 Noether Junior Scholar Award honoree is Eric Laber of North Carolina State University.