In the June/July 2017 Bulletin, we have previews of some of the special lectures featuring at various IMS meetings this year (with more previews in the next issue). This year the IMS lectures are to be given at two meetings: the 39th Stochastic Processes and their Applications conference in Moscow (July 24–28), and the Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore (July 29–August 4).

At the SPA meeting, Richard Kenyon will be delivering the Schramm Lecture [link]  and Takashi Kumagai [linkand Marta Sanz-Solé [linkwill deliver Medallion Lectures. At JSM the COPSS Fisher Lecturer is Rob Kass [link], the Wald lecturer is Emmanuel Candès [link], and one of the five Medallion lecturers is Mark Girolami [link].

The other IMS lecturers at JSM are Martin Wainwright (Blackwell lecture), Jon Wellner (Presidential Address), and Edo Airoldi, Emery Brown, Subhashis Ghosal and Judith Rousseau (Medallion lectures)—look out for previews in the next issue. [Note that Thomas Mikosch was due to give his Medallion lecture at the APS meeting in Evanston (July 10–12), but this has been rescheduled to next year’s IMS annual meeting, in Vilnius.]

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We invite nominations for special IMS lectures: see this link.