The Institute of Mathematical Statistics has selected Elyse Gustafson as the recipient of this year’s Harry C. Carver Medal. The award is made for Elyse’s exceptional service and dedication as Executive Director of the IMS over the past 20 years. Throughout this time, which included relocation of the IMS office, unpredictable fiscal challenges and substantial changes in the publishing industry, the IMS functioned smoothly as a preeminent society and publisher, under the administrative leadership of Elyse Gustafson. As the sole permanent staff person, Elyse has admirably managed a team of dedicated contractors and provided outstanding support for the IMS Executive Committee, Council, multiple IMS committees and journal editorial boards. She is especially recognized for her extraordinary ability to cooperate efficiently and cheerfully with a huge number of members who volunteer their time to help with IMS activities and who have a wide range of ideas and working styles.

Elyse will receive the Carver Medal at the IMS Presidential Address and Awards ceremony on Monday, July 31, at JSM in Baltimore (8:00pm in Ballroom 1. See the JSM online program).

On hearing about her award, Elyse said, “I am surprised and honored to receive the Carver Medal. Working for the IMS for the last 20 years has been incredibly fulfilling. The volunteer leadership of the IMS is deeply dedicated to the mission of the organization. They are what makes this job so rewarding. Cultivating the organization together with these leaders has been more than I can hope for. I look forward to many more years together.”

The Carver Medal was created by the IMS in honor of Harry C. Carver, Founding Editor of the Annals of Mathematical Statistics and one of the founders of the IMS. The medal is for exceptional service specifically to the IMS and is open to any member of the IMS who has not previously been elected President. See for more information on the nomination process (it’s not too early to start thinking about nominations for next year! You can check the list of past recipients).