New IMS Bulletin Editor Vlada Limic writes:

With this issue I officially take the baton from Anirban DasGupta, to whom I am very grateful for all the good advice during my training in the previous months. We are working to complement the following list of Contributing Editors: Anirban DasGupta, David Hand, Xiao-Li Meng, Dimitris Politis and Terry Speed. Many thanks to them for staying on the team, to Anirban for bringing his “Angle” back and continuing with the Student Puzzle Corner (look out for these in the coming issues), as well as to outgoing Contributing Editors Robert Adler, Peter Bickel, Stéphane Boucheron and Hadley Wickham for their important service over the past years. Our hope is that the Bulletin continues its role in serving our community in the best possible way, without necessarily your noticing a transition taking place.

Send us your POPI submissions

POPI = Project, Object or Perspective of Interest

Over the coming months we shall develop the “POPI” board—a space to report on a Project, Object or Perspective of (potential community) Interest. These will usually include important input from a peer who tells us about their favorite POPI of the moment. In case of a temporary lack of POPIs gathered from you, I may take one from my pool (or pick one from my garden?). Please send your POPI ideas to Your input is vital for this initiative to succeed!