We are delighted to announce that Vlada Limic will be the next Editor of the IMS Bulletin, taking over from Anirban DasGupta when his three-year term ends in December 2016.

Vlada is a CNRS research director at Université Paris Sud 11. She has been a contributing editor of the IMS Bulletin for three years, writing “Vlada’s Point” columns [look out for her final one in the next issue]; she is also an associate editor of the Annals of Applied Probability.

Harrison Zhou, chairing the Committee to Select Editors, said, “Vlada has made fundamental contributions in probability theory, stochastic processes, and applied probability. Her book with Greg Lawler, Random Walk: A Modern Introduction, is becoming a classical textbook for random walks. Based on her exceptional scholarly achievements and her editorial experiences, the committee believes Vlada Limic would be an excellent Editor for the IMS Bulletin. We are grateful for her acceptance to this important service.”

Vlada Limic’s website is http://www.math.u-psud.fr/~limic/izmars/indexmars.html

Tati Howell will remain as Assistant Editor.