We are pleased to confirm the results of the 2016 IMS Council elections. The President-Elect is Alison Etheridge. The five new Council members are Jean Bertoin, Songxi Chen, Elizaveta Levina, Simon Tavaré and Cun-Hui Zhang.

The new Council members and President-Elect will serve IMS for three years, starting officially at the IMS Business Meeting, held this year at the World Congress in Toronto. They will join the following Council members: Peter Bühlmann, Florentina Bunea, Geoffrey Grimmett, Aad van der Vaart and Naisyin Wang (who are on Council for a further year), and Andreas Buja, Gerda Claeskens, Nancy Heckman, Kavita Ramanan and Ming Yuan (whose terms last until August 2018). The new Council members will replace Rick Durrett, Steffen Lauritzen, Susan Murphy, Jonathan Taylor and Jane-Ling Wang.

IMS Council also recently appointed a new Treasurer, Zhengjun Zhang. Zhengjun is a professor in the Department of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Therefore, starting at the Business Meeting, the new IMS Executive Committee will be Jon Wellner (President), Richard Davis (Past President), Alison Etheridge (President-Elect), Zhengjun Zhang (Treasurer), Judith Rousseau (Program Secretary), and Aurore Delaigle (Executive Secretary). Former President Erwin Bolthausen and Treasurer Jean Opsomer will leave the Executive Committee this year.

We express our gratitude to all those who give their time and energy to assist the IMS. Thanks too, to those who also stood for election this year. And finally, thanks to all the IMS members who took the time to vote!