Congratulations to the 16 new IMS Fellows elected this year! They will be presented at the IMS Presidential Address and Awards session at the World Congress, on Monday, July 11 at 6:30pm.

Marek Biskup, for excellent research in the interface of probability theory and statistical physics.

Emery Neal Brown, for exceptional contributions to mathematical and statistical modeling and analysis of neuroscience data; and for outstanding leadership and service to the profession.

Herold Dehling, for fundamental contributions at the interface of probability and statistics, particularly to asymptotics for dependent data structures and empirical processes.

Mathias Drton, for outstanding contributions to mathematical statistics, particularly to graphical modeling and algebraic statistics with algorithmic applications.

Lutz Duembgen, for outstanding contributions to mathematical statistics, particularly to nonparametrics, shape-constrained inference and empirical processes; and for his exceptional leadership and service to the profession.

Alison Etheridge, for outstanding research on measure-valued stochastic processes and applications to population biology; and for international leadership and impressive service to the profession.

Nina Gantert, for her influential contributions in the study of motion in random media.

Elizaveta Levina, for fundamental contributions to high-dimensional statistics, particularly to network modeling.

Eyal Lubetzky, for fundamental contributions to the cut-off phenomenon and the dynamics of the Ising model.

Nicolai Meinshausen, for exceptional contributions to high-dimensional and computational statistics, causal inference and widely recognized research in climate sciences.

Eric Moulines, for his excellent contributions in asymptotic theory for time-dependent models, particularly to hidden Markov models and stochastic algorithms.

Carl Eric Mueller, for fundamental and influential contributions in stochastic partial differential equations and measure-valued diffusions; and for his important services to the community.

Peiyong Annie Qu, for her influential contributions to estimating equations, semiparametric inference on correlated data; and for her outstanding service to the profession.

Marc A. Suchard, for outstanding contributions at the interface between applied mathematics, statistics and epidemiology, particularly to computational methodology for stochastic processes, Bayesian statistics, and population genetics.

Harry van Zanten, for excellent and sustained contributions to the frequentist asymptotic properties of Bayesian procedures.

Hao Helen Zhang, for her influential contributions to nonparametric statistics, feature selection, high-dimensional statistics, and machine learning and data mining; and for her excellent service to the profession.