Registration is now open for the 9th World Congress in Probability and Statistics, to be hosted by the Fields Institute in Toronto, from July 11–15, 2016. IMS members benefit from reduced registration rates, and if you register before the early-bird deadline, June 1, you’ll save $100. We recommend that you book your accommodation early too, as there are a number of big meetings in Toronto at that time and hotel rooms are selling quickly.

Highlights of the program include the following special lectures: Wald Lectures Sara van de Geer; Rietz Lecture Bin Yu; Doob Lecture Scott Sheffield; Schramm Lecture Ofer Zeitouni; Laplace Lecture Byeong Park; Bernoulli Lecture Valerie Isham; Kolmogorov Lecture Ruth Williams; Lévy Lecture Servet Martinez; Tukey Lecture David Brillinger; Ethel Newbold Prize Lecture Judith Rousseau; Plenary Lecture Martin Hairer; and five IMS Medallion Lectures, from Frank den Hollander, Vanessa Didelez, Christina Goldschmidt, Arnaud Doucet and Pierre Del Moral. [Editor’s note: you can read previews of Frank den Hollander’s and Pierre del Moral’s Medallion lectures, and more lecture previews in the next issue.]

The invited sessions will be: SPDE’s and the work of Martin Hairer; Integrable models in statistical physics; Random growth models; Spin Glasses; Random media; Random matrices; Random planar maps; Conformally invariant processes; Random walks on graphs; Interacting particle systems and their scaling limits; Limit Theorems and the Malliavin calculus; Stein’s method; Rough paths; Scaling limits of stochastic networks; Statistics of random processes; Stochastic models of evolution; Stochastic models of cancer; Mathematical systems biology; BSDEs and their applications in finance; Biomedical applications; Random matrix theory and statistics; Graphical models and totally positive distributions; Compressed sensing; Computational versus statistical complexity in high-dimensional problems; Aggregation of estimators; Community detection in random graphs; Statistics and networks; Selective inference; Inference for high-dimensional covariance structures; Object Oriented Data Analysis: Persistent Homology Representations; High-dimensional econometrics; Model selection in non-standard high dimensional models; Online algorithms in machine learning; Frequentist properties of Bayesian nonparametric or high dimensional models; Analysis of next generation sequencing data for biomedicine; Statistical computing and complex data; Privacy and Statistics; Models and inference for big data; A celebration of the work of Peter Hall.

See the program details here.

New Visa Requirements

Please note that Canada has introduced new visa requirements. Visa-exempt foreign nationals are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include US citizens, and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Check whether you need one: