Nominations are open for the first International Prize in Statistics, to be awarded at the ISI World Statistics Congress in Marrakech in July, 2017. The purpose of the Prize is to call public attention to the important role that statistics, data analysis, probability, and understanding of uncertainty have played and are playing in the advancement of society, science, technology and human welfare. The Prize was created by the American Statistical Association, International Biometric Society, International Statistical Institute, IMS and the Royal Statistical Society.
Nominations are open through August 15, 2016. When nominating, bear these points in mind: The prize will be awarded for a single work or body of work, rather than for more diffuse reasons such as “lifetime achievement.” Not only should powerful and original ideas be recognized by the prize, but also contributions that lead to breakthroughs in other disciplines or works with important practical effects on the world. Generally, the prize will be awarded to individuals, but in some cases, groups of individuals working on similar ideas—or even teams of individuals or organizations—could be recognized. The recipient(s) must be living at the time of selection for the award. There is no age restriction.
To nominate, please see the information at The first International Prize in Statistics recipient will be announced in October 2016, and will be honored during a special ceremony in Marrakech in 2017. The Prize will carry with it a cash award of at least $75,000.