Two surveys carried out in America highlight that being a statistician is a great career move.

A survey carried out by reveals “The Best Jobs for Women in 2015.” Among those top 11 jobs is Statistician.

CareerCast reports that the annual median wage for statisticians (in the US) is $75,560, and the field has a projected growth outlook of 27%. They report at, “The high growth outlook for statisticians and a strong 40% of new graduates being women makes this one of the top mathematical fields for women in 2015.”

In related news, Young Invincibles, an advocacy group focused on economic issues facing young adults aged 18–34 in the US (, recently published a report on “The Best Jobs for Millennials,” highlighting careers that set up young adults for economic security. To develop the ranking, Young Invincibles analyzed 400 occupations, considering three key criteria: their median salaries, projected future growth, and percent of positions held by Millennials. The authors, Konrad Mugglestone and Tom Allison, analyzed over 400 occupations by their salaries, projected future growth, and access for young adults. Tied in third place? Statistician. The report is online at