We are happy to announce the formation of a new committee within the IMS to create a forum for early career statisticians and probabilists. Tentatively called “j-IMS”, the group aims to bring together statisticians and probabilists in the early stages of their careers.

The group’s organizers say, “Having an international forum to interact with individuals within our cohort—those who will likely be our colleagues in years to come—can greatly increase collaboration within our field. Our future plans include invited sessions for junior researchers with senior discussants, the formation of junior researchers focus groups and establishing a web presence that will facilitate interaction and collaboration.”
The fledgling group organized a mixer at JSM on Wednesday, August 12, for early-stage statisticians and probabilists who received their PhDs in the past seven years. It provided the first opportunity for an exchange of ideas and it was attended by over 50 junior researchers, along with some members of the IMS Executive Committee, who are pleased to support this group.
The Ad Hoc j-IMS committee is:
• Alexander Volfovsky (event organizer)
• Edo Airoldi (co-chair)
• Ali Shojaie (co-chair)
• Sharmodeep Bhattacharyya
• Charles Doss
• Simon Lunagomez
• Elizabeth Ogburn
• Molly Roberts
• Arman Sabbaghi
• Daniel Sussman

We’ll bring you more news of the group as plans develop, including how you can get involved. Stay tuned!

The newly-formed group organised a reception at the JSM in Seattle, which was attended by over 50 people. Alex Volfovsky addressed the group and outlined some of their intentions.
j-IMS mixer