Professor Bimal K. Roy, Director of the Indian Statistical Institute, was given the Padma Shri award, one of the highest civic honors in India, by the central government of India on January 26, 2015. Professor Roy was honored for his versatile and innovative contributions to numerous areas of theoretical computer science, cryptanalysis, statistical design, combinatorial mathematics, and applications of modern statistics to ecology and public health. He is primarily responsible for initiation of probabilistic cryptanalysis of ciphertexts driven by multiple feedback registers and complex unknown combining functions, and theoretical study of design and security analysis of wireless sensor networks. His research on cryptanalysis and sensor networks was rewardingly influenced by his foundations in statistical design, graph theory, and combinatorics. He took a leadership role in a difficult ecological study in the coastal rainforest areas in the state of West Bengal, and in a study of arsenic hazards in India. Professor Roy was previously honored with multiple prestigious awards by the IBM and Microsoft for being at the frontier of integrative multidisciplinary research, and was elected a member of the Indian National Science Academy. He has held faculty positions in numerous countries across the world. Interestingly, Professor Roy is a spectacularly gifted soccer star and it has been conjectured that he may be the best soccer player in the world with a PhD in mathematical statistics.