JSM 2015 will take place in Seattle, Washington, from August 8–13, 2015. IMS Invited Program Chairs Igor Pruenster (University of Torino, Italy) and Antonio Lijoi (University of Pavia, Italy) have been hard at work organizing 30 sessions. Here’s an overview.

IMS Special Invited Lectures (9)

The Wald Lectures by Susan A. Murphy (Michigan, USA) are titled:
1. Sequential decision making & personalized treatment: the future is now!
2. Off-line data analysis methods and learning algorithms for constructing mobile treatment policies, and
3. Continual, on-line learning in sequential decision making.

The Le Cam Lecture by Jon Wellner (Washington, USA) is Maximum likelihood in modern times: the ugly, the bad, and the good.

There are four Medallion Lectures: Jiashun Jin (Carnegie Mellon U, USA), New approaches to spectral clustering, with applications to gene microarrays and social network community detection; Michael Kosorok (UNC Chapel Hill, USA), Recent developments in machine learning for personalized medicine; John Lafferty (Chicago, USA), Computational tradeoffs in statistical estimation; and Nicolai Meinshausen (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), Causal discovery with confidence using invariance principles.

And the IMS Presidential Address by Erwin Bolthausen on Some thoughts about the relationship between statistics and probability theory.

IMS invited sessions (21)

Annals of Statistics Special Invited Session: Recent advances on estimation of high-dimensional matrices.
[Organizers: Peter Hall and Runze Li]
Speakers: Tony Cai (Pennsylvania); Sourav Chatterjee (Stanford); Iain Johnstone (Stanford); Cun-Hui Zhang (Rutgers)

Functional data analysis I.
[Organizer: John Aston]
Speakers: Alexander Aue (UC Davis); Jeng-Min Chiou (Academia Sinica, Taiwan); Victor Panaretos (EPF Lausanne, Switzerland)

Heavy tails with applications to networks.
[Organizer: Richard A. Davis]
Speakers: Shankar Bhamidi (UNC Chapel Hill); Sidney Resnick (Cornell); Gennady Samorodnitsky (Cornell)

Advances in Bayesian modeling.
[Organizer: Ed George]
Speakers: James Berger (Duke); Carlos Carvalho (UT Austin); Robert McCulloch (Chicago); Veronika Rockova (Pennsylvania)

Coverage of nonparametric credible sets.
[Organizer: Subhashis Ghosal]
Speakers: Judith Rousseau (Paris Dauphine); Catia Scricciolo (Bocconi); Aad van der Vaart (Leiden); Subhashis Ghosal (NCSU)

Recent advances in quantile regression.
[Organizer: Xuming He]
Speakers: Roger Koenker (Illinois Champaign); Ruosha Li (Pittsburgh); Davy Paindaveine (Libre Bruxelles, Belgium)

Bayesian approaches for complex health data.
[Organizer: Amy H. Herring]
Speakers: Daniele Durante (Padova, Italy); Alejandro Jara (Pontificia Catolica, Chile); Tsuyoshi Kunihama (Duke); Anne Presanis (Medical Research Council, Cambridge)

Statistical methods for big genomic data analysis.
[Organizer: Haiyan Huang]
Speakers: Sunduz Keles (Wisconsin Madison); Zhijin Jean Wu (Brown); Haiyan Huang (Berkeley); Terry Speed (Berkeley)

Bayesian nonparametric models for Bioinformatics and beyond
[Organizer: Wes Johnson]
Speakers: Peter Mueller (UT Austin); Babak Shabahba (Irvine); Marina Vannucci (Rice); Steve MacEachern (Ohio State)

Statistics for high-frequency data.
[Organizer: Per Mykland]
Speakers: Jean Jacod (Paris 6); Neil Shephard (Harvard); Per Mykland (Chicago)

High-dimensional statistics and computational methods.
[Organizer: Sahand Negahban]
Speakers: Alekh Agarwal (Microsoft Research); Sewoong Oh (Illinois Urbana Champaign); Pradeep Ravikumar (UT Austin); Yin Xia (UNC Chapel Hill)

Innovation in survey statistics and applications.
[Organizer: Jean Opsomer]
Speakers: Emily Berg (Iowa State); Jay Breidt (Colorado State); David Haziza (Montreal); Lynne Stokes (Southern Methodist)

Functional data analysis II.
[Organizer: Victor Panaretos]
Speakers: John Aston (Cambridge); Aurore Delaigle (Melbourne); Giles Hooker (Cornell); Hans-Georg Müller (UC Davis)

Bayesian Computation II.
[Organizer: Omiros Papaspiliopoulos]
Speakers: Mark Girolami (Warwick); Pierre Jacob (Harvard); Jonathan Weare (Chicago); Dawn Woodard (Cornell)

Causal Modeling.
[Organizer: Thomas Richardson]
Speakers: Marloes Maathuis (ETH Zürich); Ilya Shpitser (Southampton); Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen (Harvard); Peter Aronow (Yale) – Discussant

Bayesian Computation I.
[Organizer: Christian Robert]
Speakers: Ryan Adams (Harvard); Michael Betancourt (Warwick); Douglas VanDerwerken (Duke); Christian Robert (Paris Dauphine)

Recent developments on machine learning and data mining.
[Organizer: Xiaotong Shen]
Speakers: Annie Qu (Illinois Urbana Champaign); Marten Wegkamp (Cornell); Bin Yu (UC Berkeley); Yunzhang Zhu (Ohio State)

Tradeoffs in resource-constrained statistical learning.
[Organizer: Aarti Singh]
Speakers: John Duchi (Stanford); Philippe Rigollet (Princeton); Aarti Singh (Carnegie Mellon); Alekh Agarwal (Microsoft Research) – Discussant

Statistical inference for SDEs.
[Organizer: Michael Sorensen]
Speakers: Adeline Leclerq Samson (Grenoble); Lan Zhang (Illinois Chicago); Omiros Papaspiliopoulos (Pompeu Fabra); Michael Sorensen (Copenhagen)

Post-selection inference.
[Organizer: Jonathan Taylor]
Speakers: Adel Javanmard (Southern California); Tracy Ke (Chicago); Joshua Loftus (Stanford); Kai Zhang (UNC Chapel Hill)

Inference under shape constraints.
[Organizer: Ingrid Van Keilegom]
Speakers: Lutz Duembgen (Bern); Mary Meyer (Colorado State); Richard Samworth (Cambridge); Bodhisattva Shen (Columbia)