Statistics and Science: A Report of the London Workshop on the Future of the Statistical Sciences ( is the product of a high-level meeting in London last November attended by 100 prominent statisticians from around the world. This invitation-only summit was the capstone event of the International Year of Statistics, a year-long celebration during 2013 that drew as participants more than 2,300 organizations from 128 countries.

The report is written in an accessible style so people who are not experts in statistics can understand its messages and the field’s impact on society. It can be used as a resource by students interested in studying statistics at university, by policymakers who want to better understand the value statistics provides society and by the general public to learn more about the misunderstood field of statistical science.

We encourage you, as someone interested in The World of Statistics (as the International Year of Statistics is now known) to make the workshop report accessible wherever you are, by:

  • • Sharing the link to the report with your statistical and professional colleagues
  • • Sharing the report with government agencies and private entities that provide research funding in your country
  • • Sharing the report with the national statistical organization and other appropriate agencies in your country’s government
  • • Posting a short note about the report with its link to your website
  • • Sharing the report and link with your membership or employees by including a story about it in a future issue of your organization’s official publication—magazine or newsletter—or via blast email
  • • Sharing a copy of the report or its link to the media in your country along with a brief explanation
  • • Sending a copy to the statistics departments at universities in your country
  • • Share the report with statistics-related organizations in your country that are not participating in The World of Statistics

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