During the 17th edition of the Brazilian School of Probability (EBP), the organizers announced their wish to have a special volume of the Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics related to this meeting. They are now making an official announcement and call for papers.
A few words about the volume and its relation to the school:
The XVII EBP celebrated the longstanding friendship and scientific interaction between the group of mathematical physics and probability of Roma and L’Aquila and our probability group in Brazil. Since the beginning, a central role in this interaction has been played by Errico Presutti, whose leadership, determination, and generosity in promoting the discussion of various ideas has been crucial for the scientific lives of many of us, and for the development of these groups. It is for us reason of big joy and happiness that he has accepted to have this volume in his honor. We shall do our best to correspond.
The special volume will be published by the Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics, with Enza Orlandi (Roma Tre), Glauco Valle (UFRJ), and Maria E. Vares (UFRJ) as guest editors. The guest editors thank the collaboration and support of Nancy Garcia (Unicamp), editor-in-chief of BJPS.
Guidelines for authors can be found at http://imstat.org/bjps/mansub.html
The deadline for submission of papers is March 10, 2014.
Papers should be submitted by the electronic journal management system (EJMS), under the ‘special volume’ flag (to be created shortly). The indication of the special volume is needed to have your paper considered for this specific number of the journal. To be sure, you might also send an email message to the guest editors (e orlandi@mat.uniroma3.it, eulalia@im.ufrj.br, glauco.valle@im.ufrj.br) informing them about your submission.
The articles should be of the highest quality, and all texts will be peer refereed.
The Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics is an official publication of the Brazilian Statistical Association and is supported by the IMS. Since 2012, the journal published four issues a year, in February, May, August and December. BJPS publishes papers in applied probability, applied statistics, computational statistics, mathematical statistics, probability theory and stochastic processes. The Editor in Chief is Nancy Lopes Garcia, with Maria Eulalia Vares as Theory and Methods Editor, and Alexandra M. Schmidt as Applications Editor.