Recorded sessions now online

The capstone event of the International Year of Statistics was a two-day invited workshop on “The Future of the Statistical Sciences.” This workshop brought together around a hundred of the world’s leading statisticians, together with scientists who collaborate with statisticians, science writers and representatives of funding agencies, who convened at the UK Royal Statistical Society’s headquarters in London on November 11 and 12, 2013.

The event sought to convey an important story to each primary audience:
• To scientists in data-rich fields: statisticians are ready, willing and able to engage in deep, long-term collaborations;
• To funding agencies: statistics is the data science and can (and does) provide tools to enable progress across a huge range of human endeavors;
• To statisticians: don’t let the opportunities for high-impact research pass you by; and
• To future statisticians: join us and engage in a discipline with a huge future.

The videos from the live stream broadcast of the Future of the Statistical Sciences Workshop are now available, with thanks to Wiley, at If you are not already registered with Statistics Views, you can do so (free) at

Among the speakers were IMS Fellows Peter Bühlmann, Ray Carroll, Nancy Reid, Don Berry, Bernard Silverman, Marie Davidian, Paul Embrechts, Jane-Ling Wang, Iain Johnstone, Steve Fienberg, Alan Karr, Susan Murphy, Andrew Gelman, and Michael Jordan; and members Doug Nychka, Tom Louis, Sandrine Dudoit, Sofia Olhede, Thomas Nichols, Hadley Wickham, Rafael Irizarry, Steve Scott, Michael Newton, Sally Morton, Dick De Veaux, Miguel Nakamura, David Hand, and Emmanuel Candès. Presenters spoke on a variety of subjects, from health, dietary, and environmental issues to the challenge of reproducibility to the portrayal of statistics in the media.

A major outcome of the workshop will be a paper—produced by a professional science writer—that will be targeted to worldwide funding agencies.


The organizers of the International Year of Statistics, now drawing to a close, have been reflecting on the year’s achievements and looking ahead to the future. Read what they have to say about how Statistics2013 is evolving here.