Future of the Statistical Sciences Workshop


One of the primary goals of the International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013) is to promote creativity and development in the sciences of probability and statistics. To that end, the six societies that founded Statistics2013—the American Statistical Association, International Biometric Society, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Statistical Institute (and the Bernoulli Society), and the Royal Statistical Society—are organizing a cross-discipline workshop that will examine the future of the statistical sciences, the capstone event of the International Year of Statistics.

Organizers are hard at work on preparations for the Future of the Statistical Sciences Workshop, that will be held November 11 and 12 in London, United Kingdom. The workshop will bring together statisticians from around the world, scientists who collaborate with statisticians, science writers and representatives from funding agencies.

The event will showcase the breadth and importance of statistics and highlight the extraordinary opportunities for statistical research in the coming decade. More specifically, the workshop will tell an important story to a number of audiences:

• to scientists in data rich fields: statisticians are ready, willing and able to engage in deep, long-term collaborations;

• to funding agencies: statistics is the data science and can (and does) provide tools to enable progress across a huge range of human endeavors;

• to statisticians: don’t let the opportunities for high-impact research pass you by; and

• to future statisticians: engage with a discipline with a huge future.

Participation is by invitation only and will involve approximately 100 people. In addition to statisticians, the workshop will involve representatives from other areas of science and practice that involve problems of a statistical nature. The workshop will be organized around presentations and panels. A list of the invited speakers is here.

However, all will be able to view the workshop live as well as recordings of the proceedings via the web thanks to Wiley Publishers.

After the workshop, with input from participants, the organizing committee will publish a summary document that will be widely distributed to the larger scientific community.