The Applied Probability Society of INFORMS invites nominations for its 2013 Best Publication Award. The Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to Applied Probability, consists of a plaque and $1000. It will be presented at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, Minneapolis (6-9 October 2013). Nominations are being solicited until 1 August 2013.

To be eligible for the Award, the contribution (a book, paper, or set of papers) must meet the following criteria:


  • the contribution must be in Applied Probability;
  • it must have been published (in the case of a set, at least one member of the set) in the open literature during the interval 1 January 2010 – 30 April 2013;
  • it must be written in English, or have an accurate English translation available.


The contribution will be judged according to:


  • the extent to which it advances the state of the art of Applied Probability;
  • the originality of the theory or methodology, or the degree to which it simplifies or unifies the existing theory or methodology;
  • the new areas of application that it opens;
  • and the clarity and excellence of the exposition.


Nominations may be made by anyone, including the nominee. A nomination package consists of: a detailed description of the contribution and its significance, and a copy of the nominated publication(s).

The nominator should send a separate nomination package to each of the Award committee members below. (Electronic submissions are encouraged when possible.)

Christian Gromoll, Chair, (, Department of Mathematics University of Virginia

Assaf Zeevi, (, Graduate School of Business Columbia University

Bert Zwart, (, CWI The Netherlands