INGenIOuS: Strategies for advancing the mathematics and statistics workforce

Deb Nolan writes:
The Institute of Mathematical Statistics has joined the INGenIOuS community (Investing in the Next Generation through Innovative and Outstanding Strategies), along with the American Statistical Association, US National Science Foundation, Mathematical Association of America, American Mathematical Society, and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematicians. INGenIOuS will host a series of online and in-person events to develop strategies for investing in the training of the next generation of undergraduate and graduate students. The aim is to engage the mathematical sciences community in thinking strategically about enhancing recruitment, retention, and job placement in our community. The discussion has been divided into the following six sections (descriptions from the INGenIOuS website):

Recruitment & Retention – Helping to make the mathematical and statistical sciences a vibrant choice for a broad segment of the population (including the issue of broadening participation of women and minorities).

Technology & MOOCs – The expanding role of technology and its uses across STEM fields (the new opportunities it is bringing about in terms of new science; alternate forms of course delivery like MOOCs (massive open online courses) or flipped classrooms, how the introduction of new technology presents new challenges in terms of training).

Internships – Fostering and enhancing internships, co-ops, and industrial training opportunities for students at all levels.

Job Placement – Current best practices for connecting mathematical and statistical sciences students to jobs in all sectors

Measurement & Evaluation – Measures and mechanisms to assess the efficacy of, and return on investment in, the variety of successful training activities that departments are offering. How do we know we know that any particular program made a difference?

Documentation & Dissemination – The documentation and dissemination of effective training practices. How does the community avoid re-inventing the wheel without being too prescriptive?

The IMS would like to encourage its members to add their voice to these important discussions. Your participation is essential to the success of this effort. To be part of this project and to participate in the online discussions and panels please join the INGenIOuS community at and consider participating in the following opportunities:

  • Complete a survey at
  • Attend an online panel (if you read this in time): Internships (May 1), Job Placement (May 9), Measurement and Evaluation (May 17), Technology and MOOCs (May 30), Documentation & Dissemination (May 31), Recruitment & Retention (June 7).
  • Joining a brief online open discussion following each panel.
  • Apply to attend the final three-day workshop July 14–16.

For more information on each of these activities, visit