From Probability to Statistics and Back: High-Dimensional Models and Processes — A Festschrift in Honor of Jon A. Wellner
Editors: M. Banerjee, F. Bunea, J. Huang, V. Koltchinskii and M. H. Maathuis

For more than thirty years, Jon A. Wellner has made outstanding contributions to several very active and important areas of statistics and probability. His results have been especially influential in semiparametric statistics, estimation and testing problems under shape constraints, empirical processes theory (both classical and abstract), survival analysis, biostatistics, bootstrap, probability in Banach spaces and high-dimensional probability. Among the main features of Jon’s work are his exceptional taste and ability to identify research problems in statistics that are both challenging and important, his deep understanding of the purely mathematical side of statistics, his extraordinary curiosity and interest in the work of others and the quality of his insights.