The IMS Monograph Large-Scale Inference by Bradley Efron, published by Cambridge University Press, is now out in a new paperback edition. IMS members can obtain a copy with a 40% discount by quoting the code “IMSSERIES2” at this link. IMS member price is just US \$23.99 for the paperback, and \$44.40 for the hardback edition.

Terry Speed reviewed Efron’s book in the International Statistical Review: “In the last decade, Efron has played a leading role in laying down the foundations of large-scale inference… We are indebted to him for this timely, readable and highly informative monograph, a book he is uniquely qualified to write… His avowed aim is ‘not to have the last word’ but to help us deal ‘with’ the burgeoning statistical problems of the 21st century’. He has succeeded admirably.

Peter Westfall wrote in JASA, “Typical of Efron’s work, the book presents fresh ideas, charts new ground, and lays an impressive theory, much of which he developed single-handedly… We can expect a superb learning experience, from Efron, and his pedagogical style delivers. The book is written carefully and thoughtfully, with ample mathematical detail to make the concepts clear.”