The Blackwell Lecture Fund will be used to support a lecture in honor of David Blackwell. The purpose of this lecture is to honor Blackwell, to keep his name alive and to inspire young people to emulate his achievements. The first lecture is expected to be presented in 2014.

Donations to the fund can be made online at

Thank you to all those who have made donations so far: Anonymous; David Aldous; Kenneth and Selma Arrow; David Banks; Alicia and Robert Bell; Peter and Nancy Bickel; Estate of David Blackwell; Karl and Aimee Broman; Linda Zhao and Lawrence Brown; Joan Fujimura and Kjell Doksum; Jianqing Fan; Joseph Gastwirth; Andrew and Caroline Gelman; Kenneth Griffin; Ben Hansen; Barry and Kang Ling James; Iain Johnstone; Barbara Rosario and Michael Jordan; Joseph and Caroline Ann Mitchell Kadane; Karen Kafadar; Su Yeon Kim; Jing Lei; Susan and Terrance Murphy; Mary Louise and George Roussas; Mary Jennings and Donald Sarason; Juliet Shaffer; S. and D. Shreve; Terence and Freda Speed; Virginia and Stephen Stigler; CJ Stone; Guo-Qiang Zhang and Jiayang Sun; Richard Tapia; Michael Waterman; Joseph Yahav; Zhaohui and Yuhong Yang; Qiwei Yao; Bin Yu and Ke-Ning Shen; and Ji Zhu.

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