Thierry Bodineau and Lorenzo Zambotti are Editors of the Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré. They write:

Every two years, the Probability and Statistics section of the Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré (AIHP) awards two prizes, of $1,500 each, for the best papers published in the journal during those two years. The selection of the best articles is a collective decision made by all the board members and the different papers which have been awarded over the last years reflect the variety of topics in probability and in statistics which are published every year in the journal.

For 2010, the prize was awarded to Christina Goldschmidt (who is an IMS member) and Bénédicte Haas, for their paper “Behavior near the extinction time in self-similar fragmentations I: The stable case” (Volume 46, number 2, 338–368). The important contribution of their paper is a very precise analysis of a stable fragmentation process before its extinction.

The prize for the best paper published in 2011 was given to “Giant vacant component left by a random walk in a random d-regular graph” by Jirí Cerný, Augusto Teixeira, and David Windisch (Volume 47, number 4, 929–968). In this article, a sharp phase transition with explicit critical value was derived, for the first time, for the vacant component left by a random walk in a random d-regular graph.

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