The Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize of the AWM is awarded annually to a woman recently promoted to Associate Professor or an equivalent position in the mathematical sciences. The prize provides a fellowship for the awardee to spend a semester in the Mathematics Department of Cornell University without teaching obligations. Recently promoted associate professors face many challenges as they prepare to take on greater leadership in research and in the profession. The Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize will honor outstanding women at this stage of their careers and enable them to focus on their research in the stimulating environment of the Cornell University Mathematics Department.

A $47,000 prize will be awarded to a woman, recently promoted to associate professor or the equivalent, for a semester of mathematical research without teaching obligations in the Mathematics Department of Cornell University. A supplement housing/subsistence stipend award of $3,000 will be provided. Office space, library access, and computing facilities will be provided by Cornell. The award is to be used during the 2013-2014 academic year.

The eligibility rules are as follows:

Applicants must be women recently promoted to Associate Professor or the equivalent in the mathematical sciences at an institution of higher learning other than Cornell University. There is no restriction either on the nationality of the applicant or on the country in which she holds a position. The primary selection criteria for the Michler Prize are the excellence of the candidate’s research and the potential benefit to the applicant of a semester in the Mathematics Department at Cornell. The applicant is expected to spend a full semester at Cornell.

Applications must include:

  • Curriculum Vitae including career history, list of publications and invited addresses, and other awards and support.
  • A proposal, approximately two to three pages in length, describing the research or book project to be undertaken during the fellowship period and explaining how the semester in the Mathematics Department of Cornell University will benefit the applicant’s project or her research career. If the proposal includes plans for joint work with a specific member of the Cornell faculty, then that faculty member should write a brief note confirming the willingness and availability to participate in the proposed research.
  • Three letters of recommendation addressing the candidate’s research strengths and accomplishments.

Please submit all application materials electronically through at Reference letter writers should be asked to submit their letters online through

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