The September 2012 Bulletin (Volume 41, issue 6) is now online.
Contents include:

World Congress reviewed
Members’ News: Howell Tong, Mir Masoom Ali, Jianqing Fan, Ker-Chau Li,
Ray Carroll, Nancy Flournoy, Fritz Scheuren, Marvin Zelen, William
Meeker, Jim Landwehr, Linda Young
World Congress photos
IMS Presidential Address
World Congress: a view from Nigeria
President’s Welcome: Hans Künsch
Award nominations
COPSS Awards
Medallion Lecturers at JSM
Recent papers: Annals of Probability; Annals of Applied Probability
Rick’s Ramblings: How to give a 25-minute talk
NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
IMS-China Elections
Terence’s Stuff: Multiple Linear Regression, Part 2

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