Update your own member record

The IMS website, http://imstat.org, now offers members the facility to log in to their accounts and update their profiles. Please sign in
at https://secure.imstat.org/members/imsmember.htm and check the information is up to date. You can also access the page using the “Login” tab on the main site.

You are welcome to change any aspects within your profile and the IMS database will be immediately updated. You can also find your member ID under the Profile tab. This member login area will serve as the hub for your membership information.

New member ID

You should by now have received an email explaining that the IMS has moved to a new database that requires new member IDs. This shift is now complete and you should use your new ID for all IMS business.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Elyse Gustafson, IMS Executive Director: you can email Elyse at erg@imstat.org or you can phone 877-557-4674 (toll-free in USA) or +1 216 295 5661 (international).