Table of contents of the March Bulletin:

World Congress funding
Members’ News: Peter Glynn, Michael Waterman, Claudia Neuhauser, George Casella, Dipak Dey, Wing Kam Fung, Sastry Pantula, Xiaotong Shen, Sudipto Banerjee, Jiti Gao, Stefano Iacus, Ranjan Maitra, Axel Munk, Haiyan Wang, Judith Rousseau
Journal News: AoS, AoAP, EJP, ECP
Brazilian journal special issue
Spiegelman Award
Rick’s Ramblings: Models. Behaving. Badly.
Obituary: Johannes Kemperman
SAMSI-Indian partnership
Recent papers: Electronic Journal of Statistics & Statistics Surveys
Letter to the Editor: problems with Scopus citations (or, “How a nonexistent publication can have 20 citations”)
Bangladesh stat dept at 50
ISOSS meeting report
Indian Statistical Association
Terence’s Stuff: Correlation

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